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I was recently invited along to Castle Galleries in Princes Square to find out all about Colour Elements and how their app can help you find the colours that work best for you and reduce clothing waste.

Simply send the team a selfie through their social media or email it to them, and you’ll receive a free, personalised colour ID with the ideal element for you – Earth, Fire, Air or Water. You can then use the app to browse colours from your element and create colour cards with complimentary combinations in order to inspire your outfit choices.

Colour Elements App Earth

At the event, Colour Elements director Karen Finn talked about how so often we wear just 20% of our wardrobes and the rest goes unworn as it’s full of impulse buys and things that don’t suit our style. I can certainly relate to buying things that are a bit different then sticking to my usual uniform of black Joni jeans and black or grey t-shirts! Colour Elements aims to help you understand what works best for you so you can shop smarter and really make the most of your wardrobe to reduce your own spending as well as the huge waste created by unworn clothes.

According to WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, an estimated £100 million worth of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year, and around 30% of the clothes in British homes have not been worn in at least a year. The impact on our finances and the planet is staggering, so finding ways to reduce our waste should be a priority.

Colour Elements Blogger Event Glasgow
Photo from the Colour Elements Facebook, with @kerrylyle_ and @meganflockhart

But it's not all so serious - Colour Elements is designed to make you feel more confident about incorporating colour into your life and help you find clothes that make you feel amazing. They are keen to point out, though, that they're not being strict with you and saying these are the only colours you should ever wear - at the end of the day everyone should wear whatever we want! Your ID is simply intended as a guide to help you, not a rule book.

The main element for me is Fire, which I'm not surprised about because of my hair! But Earth colours are also good for me due to my dark features and can help ground the Fire colours. This means all types of reds, deep greens and golds work well for me. Once you know your color ID, you can receive weekly emails with outfit ideas curated for your element, which you can then shop directly.

At the moment the app is only available on Apple devices which is a shame because I'm all Android, but I convinced Adam to download it on his iPad so I could have a play around with it. Hopefully it will be on Android in the future, but for now you can always use the website and sign up for the newsletter, as well as keeping an eye on their social media for more fashion inspiration.

The Body Shop Eyeshadow Palette

The Body Shop were also at the event to tell us a bit about their new masks and eyeshadow palettes. All the Body Shop girls were so friendly and knowledgeable about their products, and the eyeshadows I tried out were gorgeous! They were so kind to give us an amazing goodie bag which contained some of my favourite products as well as some new things that I can't wait to try!

Sugar Dumplin' provided amazing rum cocktails and thanks to The Trading House I now like rum when it's mixed with fruity things so I really enjoyed them! Zizzi's provided loads of food and I was over the moon to see dairy-free pizzas as well as gluten-free - it was so lovely of them to think about that! Snuggle Muffin served up delicious cupcakes and gave us cookies in the goodie bags and since I have a mild cookie addiction I was over the moon!

Everyone worked so hard to provide an amazing night for us all and it was lovely to meet some new bloggers and bond over our Instagram struggles! Be sure to tweet your selfie to Colour Elements or tag them on Instagram to find out your element!

How do you incorporate colour into your life?

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