It seems like the cold weather has hit all of a sudden and I found myself caught short last week when I realised on my way to work that my leather jacket just wasn't cutting it anymore. And so began my yearly hunt for the perfect coat. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to coats so it took me a while to find the right one for me, but I came across some lovely ones on my search and thought I would share them with you.

Black Textured - ASOS | Burgundy Maxi - Missguided | Grey - New Look

Camel - ASOS | Black and White - Zara | Navy Trench - H&M

Leopard Collar - Topshop | Pink - H&M | Leopard - New Look

Black - H&M | Checked - Topshop | Brown - New Look

In case you're wondering, I eventually settled on this simple yet stylish Topshop beauty and I love it! I prefer to have a fairly plain black coat so that it'll go with everything and I can change the way it looks with whatever I'm wearing with it.

The past two years I made the mistake of buying cheap coats and they only lasted me one winter each so I thought instead of spending £20-30 every year it'd make more sense to spend £60 on a better quality one that will hopefully last me for a few years. If I had the funds I'd definitely invest in a proper high-quality coat but I'm still searching for that elusive graduate job so I'll have to put that plan on hold!

 I do enjoy getting cosy with a nice coat, over-sized scarf and wooly hat, and I certainly need it with the temperatures we get in a Scottish winter! I've already started buying some new jumpers for this year and I've got my eye on a few of the gorgeous blanket scarves that Zara have in at the moment. Anything to make winter seem a bit more appealing, eh?

What kind of coat are you looking for this winter?


  1. I love a good coat and I'll be honest - I'm struggling to pick between these! I've been drawn to camel colours a lot recently so the ASOS one might just win for me. The pink one from H&M is definitely a close second! xx


  2. Thank you SO much for this! I'm trying to buy my winter coat right now and couldn't find any at all that I like... But I love all your picks!

    Hannah x

  3. That burgundy coat on the first row!!!! NEED! I have quite a few coats but none of them are that long and 99% of my coats/jackets are black which is kinda weird considering I don't think black suits me :D. Love all of your picks! Xx

    Anu♡ | Based On | Bloglovin