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Recently I was very much stuck in a rut for a good few weeks and it was driving me insane. I had no inspiration or creativity, and when it's my job to write, that's a real problem. I can't miss deadlines or take the week off work because I have writer's block (though how amazing would it be if I could?), so I had to work hard to find ways to pull myself out of my slump as quickly as possible. It ended up taking me some time, but I'm finally feeling more like my usual self so I wanted to share some advice.


This is a great first step to take. Ask yourself what you truly want; what are you working towards? This could be career goals or more general aspirations for your life. Take some time to really think about where you want to be, then find out how to get there. It can be easy to lose sight of our bigger goals when we're constantly dealing with everyday issues, so refocusing on the big picture is a great way to remind yourself what your life is about. The next step is to figure out if you're currently doing the right things to get there. At the end of last year I had made a list of five things I needed to do to kick start my career, and after revisiting that list I found I had done (or was in the process of doing) four of them. This showed me that I needed to start working on that fifth thing, which I had been putting off for a while. Knowing I had one more step to take was a huge motivator for me and made me realise how close I am to my goals.


Feeling stuck in a rut often means you're getting bored of doing similar things all the time, so an easy way to bring some newness is to start spending time somewhere else. With all the freelancing I've been doing, I had fallen into the trap of hardly ever leaving my flat because I not only lived there but worked there too. I've made plans to work from a cafe, coffee shop or even library at least one day a week to change up my environment. If that's not an option for you, try to make sure you get out and about at weekends - do some exploring and uncover the hidden gems in your area or take long walks with no fixed destination. If all else fails, try switching up your home or office with some new decor or even just re-arranging the furniture. It'll bring some fresh air to your space as well as your mind. A daily monotony is a terrible thing for creativity and motivation, so try to make little changes as often as you can to keep yourself on track.


At the weekend, I had afternoon tea with an amazing group of bloggers and I felt so invigorated when I left. I spent two hours chatting to a bunch of talented young women, from writers to business owners. Seeing badass women succeeding in their fields is always a huge motivator for me and it always makes me more determined to up my game. Try to arrange a lunch or coffee with some successful people and just soak in their energy. Ask them how they got to where they are, what advice they have for you, or bounce some of your ideas off them. Getting feedback from someone you trust will help put you on the right path and you'll leave the meeting with a new sense of direction.


Hey, I'll take any flimsy excuse to buy myself something new. But seriously, taking some time to focus on self-care is so important. I don't really want to encourage buying something to make yourself feel better because that's not ideal, but if you've been eyeing up a new lipstick why not buy it? Wearing it could give you a little boost and could be the push you need to start thinking differently. What would be better, though, is spending time rather than money. Have a bubble bath with a glass of wine, give yourself a manicure, read your favourite book in a cosy spot with a cup of tea. Anything that makes you happy but you don't get to do very often is ideal. Something I love doing is having a longer shower, using all my favourite products to scrub, smooth and moisturise. Then, I'll come out and do my full skincare routine before putting on comfortable clothes. It's so refreshing and makes me feel like a new woman!


Getting into a rut is normal and something that happens to us all from time to time. I hope you can use these tips next time it happens to you to change your mindset and help you feel motivated again.

How do you get out of a rut?

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